Pest Control

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Agralan Clothes Moth Trap
Defenders Bird Scarer Kite Stand
Defenders Grip 'n' Grab Picker - 95cm
Defenders Heron
Defenders Repeller Ribbon 30m - Clip 12
Nippon Ant Killer Powder - 150g
Nippon Ant Killer Powder - 300g
Nippon Ant Killer Powder - 500g
Nippon Baited Wasp Control System
Nippon Fly Papers - Pack 3
Nippon Pest Smoke
Nippon Rat Bait Station
Pest-Stop Pre Baited Snap Trap
Pest-Stop Trip Trap
Provanto Boltac Greasebands - 5m
Rentokil Bedbug Killer Traps
Rentokil Enclosed Rat Trap - Sleeve
Rentokil Fly Killer Stick
Rentokil Insectrol Powder - 150g
Rentokil Moth Balls - Pack 20
Rentokil Mouse Bait Station
Rentokil Mouse Killer Bait Box
Rentokil Rat Bait Station - Single
Rentokil Rat Cage Trap
Rentokil Rat Killer Outdoor Bait Box