Plumbing Accessories

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Casa & Casa Drain Cleaning Brush - 5ft
Casa & Casa Flexible Drain Brush
Cubralco Solder Lead Free - 500g 3mm
Fernox Powerflow Flux Paste - 100g
Fernox Powerflow Flux Paste - 350g
Horobin 4" Drop Scraper
Horobin 4"Plunger
Horobin 6' Sink Cleaner
Horobin Clearing Wheel
Horobin Double Worm Screw
Horobin Drain Rod Set Pk10
Horobin Drain Rodset + Tools
Horobin Sweeps 16" Brush
La-Co Regular Flux Paste - 475g
Oracstar Copalux Flux - 50g
Oracstar Plumb-A-Joint Silicone
Oracstar PTFE Tape - 12m Approx
Securplumb PTFE Gas Tape - 12m
Securplumb PTFE Thread Seal Tape - 12m
Trollull Economy Rolls - 6 Rolls