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Blue Canyon Replacement Hinges
Ecostar Trunking With Clips - 15mm
Make Basin Fixing Kit - M8
Make Cistern Bolt Through Kit
Make Close Coupling Kit 1 1/2" - F/Plte
Monument 1.1/2in AC4P Plastic Cutter
Monument 1.1/4in AC4P Plastic Cutter
Monument AC4P Plastic Cutter - 15mm
Monument AC4P Plastic Cutter - 22mm
Monument Autocut - 15mm
Monument Autocut - 22mm
Monument Box/Ring Immersion Heater Spanner
Monument Contractor Gas Torch - CGA600
Monument CU Pipe Cutter - 12-43mm
Monument Handy Plunger
Monument Monobloc Spanner Set - 4 Piece
Monument Olive Puller - 15 & 22mm
Monument Olive Removing Tool - 15mm
Monument Olive Removing Tool - 22mm
Monument Omat Soldering Mat - 10 x 10in
Monument Omat Soldering Mat - 6 x 6in
Monument Plastic Pipe Cutter - 42mm
Monument Plastic Pipe Cutter - 6-28mm
Monument Radiator Spanners - Twin Pack
Monument Spare Blades For AC4P - Pack 5
Monument Spare Wheel To Fit Autocut
Monument Toilet Plunger - Black
Monument Twin Pack Autocuts - 15 & 22mm
Oracstar 4 Way Service Key
Oracstar Adapt a Tap - Acrylic Finish
Oracstar Adapt a Tap - Chromed Finish
Oracstar Air Vent Key - Brass
Oracstar Armitage Shanks Ball Valve
Oracstar Ball Valve Service Kit
Oracstar Ceramic / Enamel Repair Kit
Oracstar Chrome Pipesnap 3 Pack - 1m
Oracstar Chrome Toilet Cistern Handle