Textiles, Scourers & Cloths

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Bentley Sink Plunger - 4"
Chef Aid Kettle De-scaler
Coral Massage Sponge - Pack 3
Duo Sponge Scourers - Pack 10
Duo Sponge Scourers - Pack 20
Elbow Grease Pink Scrubbing Pad
Elbow Grease Scrub Mate
Elbow Grease Scrub Mate - Pink
Elbow Grease Soap Pads - 10 Pack
Elliott Rubber Gloves - XL
J Cloth Blue - Pack 50
Marigold Kitchen Gloves - Large
Marigold Kitchen Gloves - Medium
Marigold Kitchen Gloves - Small
Marigold Scrub Away
Minky Aero Balls - Pack 2
Minky Anti-Bac Soak Ups - Pack 2
Minky Brites Scrubbies - Pack 2
Minky Glass & Window Cloth
Minky M Cloth Anti-Bac Pad
Minky M Cloth Granite & Quartz
Minky M Cloth Hi-Tech Duster
Minky M Cloth Kitchen
Minky M Cloth Super Soak Up
Ottoman Jumbo Terry Tea Towel
Probus Plastic Sink Strainers
Probus Stainless Steel Scourers
Ramon All Purpose Cloths - Pack 50